The following is a list of common foot and ankle disorders that we see and treat in our office. However, this list does not include every possible condition. Please call our office if you have a question as to whether or not we can evaluate and treat your particular foot and ankle problem(s).

We also offer X-ray examination in our office to help diagnose your condition.

Our practice diagnoses and treats a variety of podiatric conditions, including the following:

 • Achilles tendonitis
 • Mortons neuroma
 • Ankle injuries   
 • Neuropathy/Peripheral neuropathy
 • Arthritis (Gout, Rheumatoid, Osteoarthritis)  • Pediatric foot care
 • Athlete’s foot  • Plantar warts
 • Bunions  • Plantar fasciitis
 • Corns & Calluses • Puncture wounds/foreign body
 • Dermatitis conditions • Skin cancer
 • Diabetic foot care  • Sprains/Strains
 • Diabetic foot ulcers  • Stress fractures
 • Dislocations  • Tendonitis
 • Flatfoot (fallen arches) • Heel and arch pain (fasciitis)
 • Foot injuries  • Infections (of skin/soft tissues and bone)
 • Fractures  • Ingrown and deformed toenails
 • Fungus toenails (onychomycosis)  • Tumors of skin, soft tissue, bone
 • Ganglion cysts • Ulcers
 • Gout • Wounds
 • Hammertoes 

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